Our Current Endeavors

" Technology powers all of our global ambitions and everything we build. "

The Magnify Relay is a technology driven multi-leg freight offering. This endeavor above all others is what drove the creation of Magnify.

The Magnify Freight Platform is a web and mobile based freight platform that facilitates matching shippers and carriers in an online marketplace for freight. Shippers and carriers can search, book and track freight. It is being upgraded to accommodate thousands of carriers and shippers.

Our pricing service is a machine learning driven approach to understanding the factors that underlie freight prices.

Our Tech Stacks and
Tech Service Providers

" We are building our technology
using the latest tools and best practices. "

Back End

.Net Core running on Linux

Front End

ReactJs and TypeScript


React Native

Machine Learning


Cloud Providers

Microsoft Azure and GCP

CI/CD Automation

Github Actions

Deployment and Virtualization

Kubernetes and Docker

Infrastructure as Code

Pulumi using

Browser Based Testing

Microsoft Playwright

Application Monitoring

New Relic

Our Philosophy
Regarding Technology

Organizations that build technology with great skill and effort are able to realize returns on that technology that exceed expectations

Automation should be embraced as a means of maximizing the returns of human effort

If an organization’s technology is not improving, then it will be left behind by the rest of the world.

Well designed and skillfully implemented technology is technology that people want to use.

Any technology built should be secured against both folly and those with ill will.