Our Vision

TO CREATE the most efficient long-haul logistics network, making non-stop service the industry standard

Magnify is on a mission to redefine the way truckload freight is moved, leveraging our breakthrough technology to move freight using a relay service model. To facilitate the movement of goods via ground freight, we offer dedicated capacity, reliable schedules and competitive prices to both shippers and carriers.


A Better Way To Move
Full Truckload Freight

Our innovative operating model is designed for truckload shipments to be exchanged through a network of transfer points, such that drivers switch trailers and return home at the end of each shift. Relays provide greater advantages to both shippers and carriers with the near continuous movement of cargo in both directions. Freight moves faster, safer, and more cost-effective, while improving drivers’ quality of life.

up to

Faster Transit
Fleet Utilization
Driver Retention


Our proprietary technologies enable the seamless execution of relay models at scale. Not only can we move more freight at a faster speed, but we can also anticipate and respond faster to the unexpected.

We have built a cloud-based platform that uniquely incorporates artificial intelligence, driver mobile apps, real time traffic data, and asset tracking.

GroundTraffic Control

Our innovative platform distills pertinent data on the complex movements of each segment within the relay route. This prescient nerve center provides comprehensive visibility for shippers throughout the lifecycle of their load.

Drivers App

Magnify app implements a contextually aware approach towards helping drivers reduce error, improve efficiency and provide live visibility.



Magnify is uniquely positioned to integrate autonomous trucking. Our goal is an ecosystem that benefits drivers, shippers, carriers and autonomous solution providers.

Long-haul ElectricTrucking

The relay model overcomes the single charge distance challenge commonly encountered when implementing electric long-haul trucking.

OurTech Stack

Built with the latest tools and best practices

Back End

.Net Core running on Linux

Front End

ReactJs and TypeScript


React Native

Machine Learning


Cloud Providers

Microsoft Azure and GCP

CI/CD Automation

Github Actions


Kubernetes and Docker

Code Infrastructure

Pulumi using TypeScript

Browser Based Testing

Microsoft Playwright

Application Monitoring

New Relic